This is an experiment. Some time ago, I purchased a notebook and began keeping a personal journal. I found that helpful to me and enjoyable at the same time. One day, I thought it would be interesting to do this in a blog format. Thus, in essence, it is my personal journal for one year. I will post something new for 365 days, through all the seasons and events.

I have owned the Catskillhouse.com domain for many years. It was once a part of the Homeowner’s Blog. As I ran out of time and motivation to write that blog, it went by the wayside. This is not a recreation of that blog, but rather a new direction. As of this writing, the search engines have not indexed any of the pages and I have zero page views. If that never changes, that is okay.

It is about living here, in central Ulster County, New York. It is about the house that I live in because I realize that I have put a lot of effort into turning it into my place in the world. It is about things that interest me such as history, science, the environment, sports, food, health, entertainment, local facts, etc.

Since this is the internet, there will be limited information about other people.

If I start getting visitors, I may put some Google ads in the content to offset costs. I may also look at other ways to generate a few dollars such as Patreon and Paypal.

If for some reason, you feel like contacting me, you can use the following email address: info (at) catskillhouse (dot) com