Free Form Friday, No. 2

Living room sofa; Mostly clear, 52.5 F 0542

I enjoy sitting on the sofa in the living room and typing these posts. It is a comfortable spot and is away from the distractions in the home office. Often, when I am in there, I start looking at my work related to-do list.

It has been an interesting week. The US Election was held on Tuesday, yet we still do not know who the President will be. It is looking like Joe Biden will win. My only question on that is, will he last four years? I have the feeling we may end up with Kamala Harris as president at some point. That will be fine, she seems like a competent government bureaucrat.

My son will be fourteen soon. That is difficult to believe. He wants some fishing gear for his birthday. His Xbox stopped working last week, which prompted some grumbling. I believe the hard drive has failed, so I purchased a new 1TB SSD to replace the original drive. I may do a post on fixing that.

The schools are still in COVID mode. My son goes to school for two days a week every other week. My daughter is doing full time distance learning. It has been a big adjustment for both of them. I believe that this situation will continue through the end of the school year.

I have been living in this house for 16 years, 5 months and 5 days. That is the second longest period of time that I have ever lived in one place. The first is where I grew up. That was for 18 years, 5 months and 5 days. Thus, two more years here and I will overtake that.

With the leaves now off of the trees, annual yard clean up begins. I usually try to vacuum most of the leaves up with the lawn mower. Cutting the grass short one last time, the rest of the leaves will blow back into the woods and by spring and everything will be in good shape. The one area in the front near the neighbor’s weeping willow tree always needs extra attention in the spring.

The other late fall, early winter task is pruning the grape vines. This year, there were very few grapes, so the vines were not properly pruned last year. I believe I need to cut them way back and almost start over. This may wait until late winter or early spring.

I am working on various ideas for this blog, I would like to include some of the more interesting features of living in this area. Of course there are many and I tend to concentrate on the things that I like. Thus, I will be trying to get out of that zone and explore some new things. Unfortunately, some things are still closed because of COVID-19.

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