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Front of the house as it looked in 2004

A brief history of this house:

  1. The house was built in 1965 in an area that used to be a dairy farm. It was owned and lived in full time by the guy that built it.
  2. The house was sold to a fellow from Brooklyn in 1976 and used as a weekend home.
  3. We purchased the house in 2004 and began renovating it. The interior renovation was completed before we moved in in June.
  4. The back yard drainage and gutters were added in 2005
  5. The patio, wall and grape trellis was added in 2006
  6. The new well was drilled and put into use in 2006
  7. Basement drainage project in 2007
  8. The back deck was added in 2007
  9. The solar hot water collectors were added in 2007
  10. The solar photovoltaic panels were added in 2010
  11. The barn was built in 2012-2013
  12. The siding was replaced in 2015
  13. The old bathroom was replaced in 2015
  14. The screened in front porch was added in 2018
  15. The generator and generator sub panel was added in 2020

Most of those projects were done by me although I had assistance with some of the more major ones. At the same time that was happening, I was working full time, I had two kids, started my own company, got divorced, had to refinance the house, etc. Thus the “we” is now an I or me. It has been an interesting journey.

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