Free Form Friday No. 3

On the sofa; cloudy, 37.1 F, 0548

This week is my son’s birthday. It is hard to believe that fourteen years ago, I was holding a crying, slimy, purple thing just seconds after he was born. Yet, here we are. He has really taken an interesting in fishing and all things related to the pond. I am happy to see him out of doors.

Taking an interest in fish

It took a while, but it seems we have a new president. I am happy that the process is over. Most people on either side of the issue feel the same. Regarding the man himself; meet the new boss, same as the old boss. It does not seem to matter who occupies that office, the same stupid shit continues to happen. I think people put way too much stock in the presidency and do not pay attention to congress. It seems to me, the real center of power is with those who set the agenda; the DNC and RNC.

We had a very nice stretch of warm weather. I managed to get a good deal of yard cleanup done. It has turned colder (seasonal) again.

This weekend, I have to spend time cleaning the house. I am having Thanksgiving here and I would like the place to be at least clean, if not neat. There is also the list of normal chores to complete.

Last weekend, I discovered that there is a bad bearing in the mower deck of the lawn tractor. I thought I could wait until spring to fix it, however, I think I will tackle that on Saturday.

There are a few other projects I would work on; investigate rebuilding the water filters or at least replacing the filter medium, finishing the electrical outlets in the basement, the house monitoring system and so on.

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