Free Form Friday, No. 5

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It is “Black Friday.” I do not plan to go shopping. I believe that the rampant consumerism is driving the current environmental problems and also reduces our lives to a treadmill. I think it is nice to buy interesting things, however, I do not need the newest iPhone or other slick thing.

I took a bit of a break from writing this. It does not seem to matter as no one is reading. Last week was pretty hectic with work and all of the other things going on. I will get back into daily writing this week.

I have about ten posts in the draft stage. This includes one about installing the Photovoltaic system. I realize now that I took no pictures during the installation work. I suppose I will have to come up with a three line drawing showing how the system is connected to the grid.

Thanksgiving was nice. I had the kids here and no one else. It was supposed to be the entire family (13 people), however, we all decided that it would be safer to just have a small gathering. I make an apple stuffed pork roast, which was delicious. I am looking forward to the leftovers tonight. After dinner, we had a nice conversation around the table.

The weather has been warmer than usual. I do not necessarily mind this. The less snow, the better in my mind because it means less winter driving.

I am in the planning stages for what course I might want to take next year. NY State is offering “Coursica” for unemployed or under employed people within the state. I signed up and was accepted. I am looking at several sales courses, since that is my weakest area.

2 thoughts on “Free Form Friday, No. 5”

  1. Hello
    The Photovoltaic install will be very interesting to read.
    And a photo of the completed project would make me a happy chappie too.
    Stay well
    Ian in Bulgaria BG.

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