Free Form Friday, No. 4

Living room sofa; Cloudy, 38.1 F 0647

I have missed a few days posting, mostly because I have been busy with work and other things. As of this writing, there still have been zero visitors according to statcounter. Google says one visitor back on the 16th, but that may have been me. It has been one month since I started this and I plan on continuing to post things here for a period of one year.

Since there are no visitors here, I am make this somewhat more personal than I have been. It may just turn into my journal instead of something for other people to read.

Hockey practice last night was good. William says he is having fun practicing but wishes we could play a game. It looks like that might not happen this year at all. In any case, it seems like people are generally being flexible in their approach and that is all we can do. It is good for him to go out and get exercise and see other people.

I am planning to have Thanksgiving here for everyone. It is starting to get scaled back as people are concerned about COVID-19. There is an increase of cases in the area. Of course, we must be careful; Mom is 88 years old and not in the best of health. Thus, it may end up just being William, Eliza and myself here. I am good with that, we will have a nice dinner.

Prior to people coming here, I need to clean the house. It is not terribly dirty, I just need to call away sweepers and give the place a good once over.

Sweepers, Sweepers, Man your brooms. Give the ship a clean sweep down fore and aft! Sweep out all lower decks, ladder wells and passageways. Dump all trash clean of the fantail. Now sweepers.

As heard on the 1MC

All of the leaves are off of the trees and the view from the front window has improved. I like the living room arranged this way. Instead of placing my back to the outside, I and now look out and see everything.

I am also working on setting up a remote TV receiver in Albany. The plan is to call it a “monitoring system” for Intrigue TV’s channel 5 (RF channel 30). However, I will be able to change channels and watch all of the over the air signals from Albany. I look forward to it. I receive no over the air TV signals here.

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