Ran out of pages

For about a year an a half, I have been keeping a written journal. Every morning, while I am drinking my cup of two of coffee, I sit down and write in this notebook:

Generic notebook

Yesterday, I used the last page. I knew that this day was coming so I had made a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up a new one. Then, whilst in the shower I thought, why not revive the old Catskill House blog.

Many, many years ago, I kept a thing called the “Homeowner’s Blog,” which was more or less about fixing up this falling down house. It was relatively well received and I enjoyed writing it. Unfortunately, the home life declined, especially after the “Great Recession” of 2009-10, loss of employment in early 2010 and the subsequent struggles that ensued.

Some ten years later, many things have changed. I still live in this house and there are still many things to write about. My plan is to recap all of the major house projects; interior renovation before we moved in, drilling a new well, installing a French drain in the basement, installing solar collectors and solar panels, building the barn, renovating the old bathroom, installing new siding, and the new screened in front porch, the emergency generator, etc.

But there will also be things about life in general, personal observations, slow cooker recipes, weather reports, etc. This will basically be an one line version of my written journal, less some of the really personal and business things.

You are welcome to join me!

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