The fishing rod holder

Living room sofa; clear, windy, 44.4 F 0537

Since springtime, when my son took his first fishing rod down to the pond and caught his first Large Mouth Bass, the fishing gear has been stored in the dining room. I don’t really mind, except when it all falls over behind the hutch. It also appears somewhat disorganized in a jumble.

Fishing poles leaning up against the wall

I was walking back to the barn yesterday, when I spotted this pallet. Several weeks ago, I had picked up several small pallets to ship a small TV transmitter to Texas. I used one and threw this one on the firewood pile to use as kindling. Then I remembered the fishing rods scraping down the wall and thought; I should make a fishing rod holder.

Pallet and scrap lumber

And so, I rounded up some other bits of materials laying about and spend a few minutes with the skill saw, hole saw, jig saw and sander. I would say, not so bad for a quick afternoon project.

Ready for glue and screw

I will let the wood dry out overnight before I glue and screw it together.

Fishing poles secure in holder

An improvement to be sure.