Election Day

Home office; cloudy, breezy, 43 F, 0605

The polls are open! Today is the day when we get to vote. If early indicators hold true, it should be a record turn out. That is a good thing for elected officials to understand that the electorate is engaged and is paying attention. Like the current president or not, there is one thing that he has done; stir up the population.

I am interested in the outcome of this election for a different reasons. I am interested to see how accurate the pre-election polls are. As of this writing, the Democratic candidate is forecast to win in key swing states, just like last election. If that does not happen, it brings up two possible problems. Polling groups are not reaching a representative cross section of the electorate or people are lying. I feel that the second possibility is the most likely.

Supporters of the current president are vilified as racist, misogynist, anti Muslim, anti immigrant, white supremacists and so on. Nobody wants to be identified with that group. Yet, if you disagree with the the Democratic party line on any matter, large or small, you are instantly branded a Trump supporter. We no longer can debate on policy but rather must conform to party identity. That will not be good in the long run.

The other problem is the big tech hegemony on information. Facebook, Twitter and Google (and to some extent other search engines like Bing and Yahoo) have far more power to control the dialog then most people imagine. Through selective search engine results and filtered news feeds, information can be skewed to one side of the political spectrum. It is difficult to say whether or not this is happening because search engine algorithms are trade secrets. We, the general public, can only guess when and how much our information is being censored.

All of those considerations aside, it is still my fundamental right to go out and cast a ballot for whom I think will be the best suited person. Not only for the office of President, but also for the US house of Representatives, the New York State Senate and Assembly. I am leaving in a few minutes.