The DeWalt DCCS620 Battery Powered Chain Saw

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid product endorsement, I do not have any affiliation with any retailers or companies associated with this product.

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My property includes a small wood lot behind the house. Over the years, trees grow and die, fall down and rot away. This is normal and natural. Every once in a while, I go back and try to clean up the area, getting rid of dried, dead standing wood. I also make sure that all fallen trees are completely on the ground so they can uptake water to facilitate decay. Decay, in this case, is good.

I own a gas powered Husqvarna 240 chains saw, which is great for general work. However, I don’t use it enough to keep the gas fresh. Thus, after sitting for several months or a year, I have to empty the gas tank, mix up new gas, change the spark plug, etc. In short, it is a pain in the ass.

I decided to try a Lithium Ion battery unit on a recommendation of a friend. On recommendation of a friend, I ordered the chainsaw on line and it arrived via UPS in a couple of days. I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality of the unit, as it was not at all expensive. After a quick recharge of the batteries, I went out and tried out cutting some fallen timber.

I was very surprised at the power and ability to cut through large logs. The battery also lasted much longer than I thought it would. My curiosity peaked, I decided to try cutting through some black locust logs, a heavy, dense wood. I found that this chainsaw, while slightly smaller than the Husqvarna 240, is just as able to cut though hardwood logs.

A small wood pile for the winter

Of course, there are some notable differences. The bar on the DeWalt is 10 inches vs the 14 inch bar on the Husqvarna. The DeWalt is much quieter, lighter in weight, there is no mixing of gas and oil, no two cycle smoke, etc. Depending on the work load, the DeWalt battery lasts 30-40 minutes. After each battery change, I topped off the bar oil reservoir. For intermittent use, such as clean up, cutting and clearing, the DeWalt with one or two extra batteries will work just fine. If a project requires long periods of cutting, then the gas powered saw is the right tool.

I would have no problem with keeping this chain saw in the back of my car over the winter. It will also be useful for work. Sometimes having a chain saw available decides whether or not a transmitter site can be accessed.

Jotul F100 wood stove

In a matter of a few hours, I was able to clean up several dead standing trees. As the wood is still sound, I split it for use in the wood stove this winter. It was a good afternoon of work. I enjoy having a nice warm fire in the wood stove on a cold winter night.